Construction management

A technical architect as director of the execution of a work, supervises and coordinates the construction of the architectural project. Verifies that the designs are met, coordinates professionals and work teams, performs inspections and follow-ups, and is responsible for economic and administrative management.

Therefore, my strong expertise in Construction management ensures that the project is carried out in a successful way. My services range from supervision and coordination of the work, to economic and administrative control of the project. In addition, thanks to my experience as Interior designer and Judicial Expert, I will make sure that both the design and the quality are of the highest standard required.

Renovation and interior design projects

Discover Zogo Studio´s core. Where creativity and architecture come together to create unique projects, reflecting your style and maximizing the potential of your space. Discover the difference with Zogo Studio in your next project.

We are differentiated by the use of innovative materials, the fusion between design and functionality, and our characteristic Mediterranean style.

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Technical consulting

We offer expert advice in the field of Architecture, more precisely in:

● Technical inspections.
● Feasibility studies.
● Writing of Technical Reports.
● Elaboration of all types of projects.
● Design Advice.
● Certificates.

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